January 2018 – Views from the Treehouse

When it comes to outdoors pursuits, Brad Cooke and Michael Stratton are Renaissance men — they can do it all. The teachers at Collegiate and Trinity Episcopal schools, respectively, also run the only middle and high school outdoor adventure programs in Central Virginia. In this treehouse sit-down, we ask them, among many other things, about skyrocketing youth participation in endurance and adventure sports; why Richmond is the perfect place to do what they do; and what parents can do turn their kids into little outdoor Renaissance men and women; all that and more over a couple of pints of local brew. Cheers!

Catherine “Cat” Anthony hasn’t been out of college for a decade, but just last fall she was installed as the the new Executive Director of the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation. She’s charged with shaping the future of one of the Central Virginia’s most popular outdoor recreation resources — the 52-mile ribbon of asphalt that runs from Richmond to Jamestown and drew over 1 million visits last year. What’s her vision for the trail? What will it’s economic impact be? How safe is it? How will we fund its continued maintenance? All these questions — and our usual James Lipton-esque rapid fire session at the end — are a click away!

For our second podcast, we bring you part 2 of our interview with Ralph White, the manager of the James River Park for over 30 years. Like Part 1, it’s a doozy. White dishes on everything from Richmond’s riverfront plan to what he thinks of our current mayor.