February 2018 – Views from the Treehouse

In this week’s Views from the Treehouse podcast, we chat with Mike Baum of Keep Virginia Beautiful. Shiver in the River, a winter festival that has become KVB’s signature event, is coming up on Feb. 24th. And we ask Baum the crucial questions: What, besides alcohol, causes normally sane people to plunge into the James in late February? Are Speedos allowed? Has he ever participated? And what percentage of participants say something about shrinkage? This is a fun one, folks!

This week we interview Richmond native Trevor Frost, an award-winning photographer and videographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic and the Washington Post, among many other publications. Frost details his career with National Geographic, discusses on his love for the outdoors and gives us a glimpse into the life of a globetrotting professional photographer.