April 2018 – Views from the Treehouse
The James River Association’s long time CEO makes the climb to talk about wins and losses for the James River in the General Assembly and in Richmond’s budget.

Jay peluso is local an open-water swimming legend, a man who has gotten hundreds of Richmonders to swim thousands of total miles next to catfish, rockfish and sturgeon in the James River. He trains triathletes, he races himself, and he puts on events that only the toughest Central Virginia swimmers would think about attempting.

Aaron McFarland runs ‘Treelab,’ and if it succeeds, he’ll clean the James River while making Richmond cooler, happier, and less crime ridden.

At 24 years old, Bethany Patterson was so fast she graced the cover of Ultra Running Magazine. Now 39 and a mother of three, the Richmonder has run and won dozens of ultramarathons all over the country. But here’s what crazy: she might just be getting started.