August 2018 – Views from the Treehouse
We’ve covered the outdoor sports-enthusiast angle, the competition angle, the naturalist angle, the outdoors-lifestyle angle….and a common thread that’s emerged from our guests is the spiritual rewards of recreating in the outdoors. So we decided it was time to delve into that topic directly.

Andrew Philpot and John Fury manage James River State Park two hours west of Richmond where, on Oct. 19-21, hundreds of practitioners of the fast-growing overland camping movement will gather for a weekend festival. Listen in to find out what all this growing segment of the camping world is all about.

The James River Park’s head of education programs talks about leaving a career in art history for outdoor ed and why it’s so important to break down the barriers to getting inner city kids outdoors.

Earl Swift has paddled the entire James River, circumnavigated the Chesapeake Bay and, for his latest book, spent 14 months living among our most isolated fellow Virginian’s on an island in the Chesapeake Bay — an island that in 50 years, scientists say won’t exist.